Accounting & Payroll

Accounting & Payroll

To run a business, you need to have well maintained accounting and finance records. We provide accurate and timely accounting services and financial reports. Our accounting records are well organized and up to date. This helps your business to run smooth every day. Our professional staff provides a comprehensive range of affordable financial and accounting services.

-Maintaining general accounting ledger
-Comprehensive bookkeeping services for monthly/quarterly/annually
-Set up new accounting systems for entrepreneurs and new business
-Preparation and compilation of all financial statements
-Review and audits of financial statements and accounts
Accurate and well organized financial records are imperative for running a successful business. We provide efficient and day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting services to help you concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Most businesses have cash flow issues. These can be an obstacle to the smooth running of your business. To counter such cash flow issues, we evaluate and forecast your financial condition to help determine future requirements of cash, to identify flow sources, and to model optimal utilization.

Our team of accounting professionals will prepare Financial Statements for your business. We adhere to the highest professional standards. However we do not express opinions or provide assurance on the information provided/included in the statements. Accurate financial records and statements are necessary for effective management of your enterprise.

Accurate forecasting is required to manage and grow a business. Naz Sukhram Financial Services Inc. will work with you to provide in-depth analysis, projections and even complex financial modelling. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals will help you develop better or alternate financial growth models.

Naz Sukhram Financial Services Inc. can assist you to develop and implement a reliable, effective payroll system. Many businesses struggle with the remittances and the reports required to keep a payroll system up to date. Our team will ensure that your payroll and reporting is always accurate and timely.

There are many accounting software packages available today. Selecting the one with the right features and benefits, yet within your budget, can be a daunting task. Our experienced accounting professionals have a good working knowledge of many of the packages. They can guide you to a solution which best suits your needs and budget, and can also provide implementation services and training to ensure you find it easy to utilize your new system.