Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Sound estate planning is required for a smooth transfer of assets to your spouse or other beneficiaries, and to avoid causes for audits.

For both self-employed individuals and business owners, astute planning for business continuity and ownership succession is essential.

You can rely on us to hold your hand and guide you through these intricate situations. We bring to you a wealth of experience and we promise professional and confidential service.

Many persons do not properly plan for retirement, and find themselves in financial difficulty a few years after they stop working. A proper retirement plan would help you forecast what your living costs would be, factoring in things like inflation, and other situations you may not now imagine. A good plan can help you to calculate the rate of return you need on your investments; what withdrawals you can safely make or what risks you can afford to take.

Naz Sukhram Financial Services Inc. can be your partner in planning for your retirement and in helping you to periodically review your financial health. We want to ensure that you can live independently as you enjoy your sunset years.